As the darkness will you bring in more light?

As the darkness will you bring in more light?

As it gets colder many of us (including me) want to limit the amount of time we spend in the elements.  But the truth is nature is healing regardless of the season. So I’m going to do my best to layer up and get outside as much as I can (I am from Boston afterall which that means I know what long johns are and how to use them).

For me the growing darkness brings heaviness. I decided that I'm not going to fight it this time. I’m planning on inviting it in, slowing down some, and leaning into things that bring more joy and ease.  

This also means that getting out in nature will take on even more importance. Walking in the wilderness will help me ease into the darkness and chill of the season. Though I have to admit…the cold brings its own lessons which I've been keen to learn lately. I've been a fan of cold showers since the beginning of the year due to its many benefits and despite my disdain for the cold, I will continue this practice.

See a theme here?  By leaning into the things that I typically resist, my resistance lessens.  Rigidities which I've developed to keep discomfort and fear at bay soften and I'm able to open myself more to life - even the bits I don't like or try to avoid at all costs.

I’ve noticed that a sense of ease and equilibrium more easily flourishes when I'm not manically searching out ways to protect my comfort.

I’ve also learned that turning to my discomforts can actually alchemize them.

What kind of seasonal adjustments are you making in support of self care? What are you alchemizing?  Drop me a line!

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