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 Why does my tallow balm look different than my previous order?

As you are likely aware, tallow is rendered beef fat. All of our tallow is carefully sourced and comes from grass-fed and finished cows. These animals, a vibrant, living and dynamic part of nature, are unique as you and I. As a result, each rendering will yield a unique texture.

Any changes in texture or density have no effect on the quality or application of our balms. You may use as intended.

No but really, why does my balm, serum, oil, etc. look different than before?

Our balms, serums, and oils are made with all natural ingredients. Most of the oils and butters are cold pressed and unrefined. Each ingredient has a different melting point which means that some of the butters may occasionally separate and solidify into itty bitty grains as they cool. Fluctuations in temperature may also cause the balm to go a bit grainy. This means your product may look different in July than it does in December. Not to worry, this is totally normal and natural and you can use the products as intended. Any grains will easily melt as you massage the product into your skin.

As always, be sure to use clean, dry hands when applying our balms. Introducing water into the container could create the conditions for bacteria to grow. Keep container closed and away from humid or wet environments.

I noticed small, hard beads in my tallow balm. What is that???

The balms are crafted from a blend of solid saturated fats and liquid unsaturated fats, each with distinct melting points. When exposed to varying temperatures, some of these fats may melt and then solidify again at different rates. This process can cause the formation of small, bead-like grains in the balm which is known in the biz as 'blooming.' There is no impact on the quality of the balm and it is completely safe to use.