Got questions about tallow? We got answers.

What is tallow?

Tallow is rendered beef fat and has been used as an ingredient in skincare for thousands of years.  Tallow is deeply moisturizing and very similar to the sebum produced by our skin. Did you know that the word sebum comes from the Latin word for tallow?  Tallow contains skin-nourishing ingredients that plant-based oils just don’t have.  It has vitamins A, B12, D, K, & E - a special combination of beneficial vitamins only found together in animal products.  Grass-fed beef is also high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has powerful anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial properties. 

Tallow works particularly well for mature and dry skin.  

Where do you get your tallow?

All tallow is not the same. Tallow from grass-fed and finished cows is very nutrient dense and has very high amounts of CLA whereas conventionally raised cattle will not produce nearly as much. Our tallow comes from grass fed and finished cows that are pasture raised. Our farmers operates with the highest of standards and is committed to sustainable farming practices.  

The cows used to make our tallow do not receive any grains in their diet and are not fed any antibiotics or hormones.  The cattle eat grass.  Full stop. This is what their bodies were built to eat.  Equally important, no pesticides or herbicides are used on their pastures. 

What does tallow smell like...does it stink?

Tallow is of course made from beef so it does have a mild “animal” smell.  Our balms are formulated with essential oils known to support and nourish skin which helps to mask the scent.  That said, some of you with sensitive noses may notice a faint animal scent.  Just know that tallow absorbs VERY quickly into the skin so the smell dissipates pretty fast. If you do smell the animal scent, you won’t smell it for long.  

Your balms are very lightly scented. I want my skin care to smell like birthday cake and rainbows and unicorns (or at least like vanilla and berries and melons and all other delicious things).

We hear you. We like things to smell good too! Thing is many skin care products that smell “good” use artificial fragrances created in a lab to approximate scents found in nature. Additionally some natural skin products are formulated with essential oils that may be contaminated or used in concentrations way beyond what’s safe for the skin.  

We are committed to quality and what’s best for the health and vitality of your skin.  That means that we use only the highest quality essential oils and employ them in the right amounts to deliver results you can count on.  We are very judicious with the amount of essential oils in all of our formulations.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of botanical matter to make super tiny amounts of these precious oils (it takes about 30,000 roses to fill a single 15ml bottle and 3 pounds of lavender flowers to produce the same). Out of concern for our natural resources and a commitment to conservation, we only use the amount of these precious oils necessary to get the job done.  No more, no less.  

Additionally essential oils are super duper concentrated so you don’t want to use a lot  - especially on the delicate skin on your face. We formulate to nourish, moisturize, and support the long-term health of your skin, not to have offerings smell like rainbows. 

***Quick note about my personal application***  I actually prefer the unscented balm. This gives me the opportunity to connect intimately with the source of this beautiful and powerful remedy gifted to us by the cows. In response, I offer a silent (and sometimes not so silent) prayer of gratitude for the rich and deep nourishment that tallow provides. 

How long will my tallow balm last?

Our balms are anhydrous, a fancy term that means oil-based.  Because there is no water in our balms,  mold does not have a medium to grow. You can of course inadvertently introduce water into the balm with wet fingers which is why we advise you to make sure you only use clean, dry hands to apply the balm.  Balms are good for one year. 

I noticed small, hard beads in my tallow.  What is that???

The balms are crafted from a blend of solid saturated fats and liquid unsaturated fats, each with distinct melting points. When exposed to varying temperatures, some of these fats may melt and then solidify again at different rates. This process can cause the formation of small, bead-like grains in the balm which is known in the biz as 'blooming.' There is no impact on the quality of the balm and it is completely safe to use.

What’s the difference between the face and the body balms?

Both the face and body formulas use the same ingredients but with different concentrations.  The face balm is formulated with more tallow to support vitality and deeply nourish and replenish the skin.

I’m nervous about trying something new on my face. What if I break out?  

Many people use tallow balm on their face with amazing results (check out our reviews). However everyone’s skin is different so we encourage you to do what’s right for your skin. We recommend starting slow with a small amount of balm to see how your skin responds.  

When starting a new skincare routine, especially if you have switched to all natural/organic skincare from conventional products, you may experience a break out. However, the break out may actually be your skin purging. This is actually a pretty common and totally natural thing.   A month is a good time frame to see if something is working. 

What’s the best way to apply the face balm?

Use clean, dry hands to scoop out a pea-sized amount of balm and rub between your hands allowing it to melt completely.  Apply to face. You only need a bit.  You can also apply to the neck and chest area.  The balm is SUPER rich and moisturizing so a little goes a long way.  Be sure to massage the balm completely (but gently) around the eyes especially into folds of the eyes. The eyes are the most delicate part of the face so I encourage you to take your time there. 

If your skin feels too greasy, you have applied too much. Use a bit less or give it more time to absorb. Alternatively, you can elect to use at night and by morning the balm will have completely absorbed leaving your face supple, vibrant, and hydrated. 

Pro-tip: for deeper hydration, apply to a damp face.

Your tallow balm doesn’t seem to absorb well into my skin. Why does it feel greasy?

You may have applied too much. A little really does go a long way.   Use less or try applying at night.  

I’m a vegan/vegetarian and want in!  When will you offer some plant based skin care options?

We hear you and are fast at work formulating plant based options. Stay tuned!

What are your commitments to the environment?

We do our very best to use only recyclable packaging.  Our herbal remedies are stored in glass bottles. Our balms are stored in metal tins.  Both are reusable and recyclable.  

My quality commitment to you...

No icky chemicals.  Our skin care products are free of:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates
  • Mineral oil
  • petroleum
  • chemical fragrances
  • chemical preservatives

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