The Ritual

  1. Set aside a few moments where you won’t be interrupted. 
  2. Take a deep breath. Let out a looooong exhale. Relax your shoulders, release your jaw. 
  3. Dispense the oil (or balm)  into your hands. Smell it and take in the scent.
  4. Gently begin to oil your body starting wherever feels good. 
  5. Notice your breath as you touch your body. Is it even or is it a little staggered? If the breath is unbalanced, try taking another big breath. Exhale deeply,  releasing anything that needs to be let go.
  6. Continue oiling your body until you feel complete.  
  7. If you prefer a more involved ritual, add more to the mix! Play a song that makes you happy, light some incense, sage, or a candle. Silence works too. 
  8. This is just a starting point. Be open to freestyling. Our bodies will tell us what it needs once we spend more time listening.