Tutti Body Elixir

The name of our amazing new offering is Tutti, which means “everybody”  in Italian.  Tutti is also a music term for when all voices or instruments perform together — a fitting nod to the many botanicals and plant oils that come together to create this truly *magical* potion.

Tutti will keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and silky soft for a FULL 24 hours. Plus, Tutti can be applied on…






Tutti goes on lush and super rich but absorbs quickly so you can get dressed without worrying about those awful stains getting on your clothes.  

And she smells like a meditation! Made with a grounding blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils, Tutti was formulated to create a feeling of zen when applying to your body.  The subtle scent is designed to be light and invite you to slow down and connect to your body.  

Tutti is a deep conditioner for skin and with regular application will lead to smoother, softer, healed skin. You’ll definitely notice a difference.

Tutti is a mix of magical plant oils that come together to renew and revitalize skin.   Among the star players are cupuacu butter, praxaci, and hemp oils - a powerful combination that nourishes skin and gives a lasting glow.  We also included potent skin-loving botanicals like ashwagandha, burdock root, calendula, and damiana as well as essential oils known to calm and support skin like Haitian vetiver, cedarwood, and clary sage.

This nutrient dense formula has everything you need for radiant, hydrated, and deeply moisturized skin. Try it today!