My Plant Allies for Every Journey

My Plant Allies for Every Journey

We’re at the time of year where many of us are traveling to be with family which brings with it the chaos of bustling airports, the strangeness of new beds, and the juggling of new routines. I've found that plant allies help me navigate through many of these hurdles and maybe they can help you too. Let's explore my personal travel apothecary for tackling sleep, stress, digestion, and keeping spirits high.

Nettle for Sleep
Move over, conventional sleep aids! Nettle* (urtica dioica) is my unexpected hero for deep, restful sleep. Known more for its nutritional benefits, nettle also has a special knack for lulling me into dreamland on those restless travel nights. Interestingly, traditional sleep herbs like valerian, chamomile, lavender, and even california poppy don't help me sleep.  It may take a while to figure out what may work for you. But once you figure it out, you're golden.

Holy Basil for Stress Relief
Traveling is innately stressful. The disruption of routines can take a toll on your nervous system.  I loooooove holy basil (ocimum sanctum) because she’s a whole vibe. Her cotton candy scent and grounding presence helps melt away stress and bring me back into my body with more ease and calm. Just taking in her scent is medicine enough. It's no wonder that this plant has been revered in traditional medicine for centuries.

Brahmi for Digestion
Brahmi (bacopa monnieri) is a wonderful brain booster but also has a less-known talent for aiding digestion (for me anyway). Brahmi is my go-to for keeping things smooth and steady while traveling. A word of caution though: brahmi is quite bitter, so brace yourself if you decide to give it a try. Brahmi also helps ease anxiety, nicely complementing holy basil's work to bring calm to the nervous system.

Yerba Mate for The Yum Factor
Every traveler needs that one delightful brew. For me, it’s yerba mate. Its rich taste, soothing aroma, and gentle caffeine kick make it the perfect travel companion for those moments when I crave a comforting and energizing sip.

Traveling with these plant friends has reshaped my travel, helping me stay balanced and more connected to my surroundings. But what about you? Ever considered plants as your travel partners? Is there another travel challenge I might have overlooked? I'd love to hear your thoughts ;-)

*Everybody is different and you may have a completely different response to the plants than I do. I encourage you to take some time and get to know them. As you do, they'll reveal their unique ways of assisting you. Soon enough, you might find them subtly guiding you, sharing their wisdom in their own sweet way.
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