Why pretending that you are a plant may be just the thing you need...

Why pretending that you are a plant may be just the thing you need...

You know those experiments where someone speaks lovingly to one plant and spews hate at another and the one receiving the hate speech shrivels up and dies in a matter of days? 

Reflecting on that got me thinking about how we can use this bit of knowledge as an opportunity to speak love into our bodies doing something that most of us do daily without thinking about it.

What if after the shower, instead of rushing through our lotions and potions, we spoke love to our body parts as we oiled them up? 

Throughout the day many of us - subconsciously and consciously - say and think hateful things about our bodies…

“Wish my stomach were flatter.”

“My thighs are ENTIRELY too big.”

“I hate my nose.”

“You won’t be able to tell me nothing soon as I lose these last 10 pounds!”

The body, like the plants in the experiments, is listening to every word.

What if we let our hands communicate love and acceptance each time we rubbed oil onto our tight shoulders and hamstrings?  What if we showed gratitude to our stomach where we tend to hold anxiety and tension when the stress gets to be too much? 

I imagine some of these “less loved” body parts might start to ease up, let their guard down, and trust us more.  And perhaps start to heal and show up for us in new ways.

Maybe you should start talking to your body as if it’s a plant.

And see what grows in the presence of this new love.

If you want to include a body oil into your self care routine made specifically for speaking love and healing into all of your parts, we have just the thing. Tutti Body is a potent botanical elixir formulated with magical plant allies like ashwagandha, burdock root, calendula, and damiana as well as butters and oils from the Brazilian rainforest.

Here's a sweet little ritual you can use to gain deeper intimacy with your body. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
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