About Me (OLD)

My journey

The healing energy of plants saved my life. I had long felt a nudge to go deeper with the plants but kept ignoring it. They kept calling but I wasn’t quite ready to answer.  I just didn’t have the time.

I was too busy working and living the dream.  Growing up poor made material success an important (albeit functional) goal. So off to law school I went.  Which was no fun at all. The practice of law followed. Even less fun.  Problem was I didn’t exactly know what would be fun.   I kept on this path until I just couldn’t anymore.  I reached a point where none of it made sense. I felt depleted with no clear sense of what could bring me back to life.  I began to ask myself who I was supposed to be before I bent to the pressure of what was expected. Poverty presses hard against dreams, sometimes so hard that all that remains are survival instincts that long outlive their purpose. 

The issue was I didn’t need to survive anymore. I needed to thrive. I stopped practicing law and let myself dream. And little by little, I opened up to life’s possibilities.  I deepened my connection to the plants. It was slow but steady.  I started composting. I began making my own deodorant (yooooo….those early fails had my pits HUMMING hard - thank God I finally figured it out). I made whipped body butters that smelled like dessert, decadent anti-aging facial oils, and immune boosting elixirs.  I made soothing body balms, sleep formulas, digestive bitters, and nourishing herbal infusions.  And after some time I realized that I was finally getting happy.  A big part of it was due to my work with the plants which helped me to come into a deeper sense of acceptance of and connection to myself.  

So what does all of this mean for you? How is my story connected to the products offered at Gypsyroot? Well for a while I was content to make all of these deeply nourishing remedies for myself. Plants helped me to heal a number of chronic issues and it soon became clear that I needed to share the healing wisdom of plants with others.  I began to gift my offerings to friends and family who kept coming back for more. I decided to expand beyond my sweet little tribe so that I could connect even more people to the healing energy of the plants.   And as fate would have it,  Gypsyroot was launched smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic.  I knew that the plants had so much to offer in our time of need and was inspired to get to work.

What’s so different about Gypsyroot?

Gypsyroot is a gift from the heart. There is no middleman. Everything is made by hand. In small batches. And only with high quality, organic ingredients.  I do not sell what I don’t use myself.  And I only offer here what has worked for me (of course everyone’s body is different and we should use our sovereignty to discern what works best for each of us).  

Here at Gypsyroot, we respect the spirit of the plants allowing them to take the lead which makes for incredibly healing and nourishing remedies. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I say about the remedies -  after all I am a bit biased. I encourage you to have a look and let the unedited reviews do the talking.