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Tutti Body Botanical Elixir

Tutti Body Botanical Elixir

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Tutti was formulated for the minimalist who still wants to do the most.  This dreamy botanical elixir is a whole mood. Tutti's all-in-one formula can be used anywhere you have skin or hair (which is a huge plus for traveling because you don't have to pack a gang of products when space is tight). This body oil is FULL of potent plant allies that deeply condition the skin without feeling heavy.  Add in fast absorption, all day glow, soft zen scent, and your skin will be singing.  Apply to face, body, hair, scalp, beard, cuticles and feel the magic work. 

Quick and dirty:  Sample (1 oz):  8 uses. Travel (2 oz): 16 uses.  Full (4 oz):  will last you a month.



❖ 5 in 1 multi-use elixir can be applied to body, face, hair, scalp, beard - basically anywhere you have skin and hair

❖ Hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes

❖ Lasts ALL DAY long, is a serious ash-buster

❖ Gives a serious, lasting glow

❖ Soft scent is a beautiful blend of grounding essential oils, an invitation to slow down and bring ritual to body care

❖ Conditions and protects without feeling heavy - great for summer weather!

❖ Fast absorbing, won’t leave stains on clothes

❖Improves appearance of skin and helps smooth uneven skin tone

❖Leaves skin soft, supple, and hydrated

Suggested Use

Shake gently and apply anywhere that you have skin and hair. For deeper hydration, apply to damp skin.


sweet almond oil, *hemp seed oil, *sesame seed oil, grapeseed oil, *pracaxi oil, *sunflower oil, *cupuacu butter, *castor oil, lecithin, vitamin E, *ashwagandha, *burdock root, *calendula,*damiana, essential oils of *Haitian vetiver, *sweet orange, clary sage, *cedarwood, *black spruce

*organic or wildcrafted


Explore Ritual with your Body

Tutti smells like a meditation! It’s made with a grounding blend of aromatherapeutic essential oils so take your time when applying. Our special blend was formulated to create a feeling of zen and peace when applying to your body. Carve out a few minutes, breathe deep and slow, and create some sacred time with your body. The scent opens up a few minutes after application on skin and is designed to be light as not to compete with your preferred fragrance.

Tutti is a mix of magical plant oils that come together to soften and revitalize your skin. Among the star players are cupuacu butter, praxaci, and hemp oils - a powerful combination that really comes together to nourish skin and give you a serious glow. We also included potent skin loving botanicals like ashwagandha, burdock root, calendula, and damiana as well as essential oils known to support skin like Haitian vetiver, cedarwood, and clary sage.

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Enjoy the skin you’re in.  Bring magic and ritual to your body. Here’s how...