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Face Serum

Face Serum

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If you want that dewy glow, this serum will get you there. If you're looking for deeply nourished skin that looks alive and vibrant, this is what you need.  It has 5 plant oils known to heal, protect, and balance the skin.  This serum is serious business -she goes on rich and deep and in just a few minutes is completely absorbed leaving you looking and feeling brand new. 

*Note* --> the fatty acid content of the pracaxi oil in the serum can cause a slight change in consistency as temps go down during the winter. The serum works the same. I prefer not to use refined pracaxi oil as the refining process takes out some of the beneficial compounds and can lead to a less effective serum.   


❖ Revitalizes and renews dull skin with powerful botanicals

❖ Great for dry, sensitive, and mature skin

❖ Deeply moisturizing

❖ Nutrient-rich oils nourish and soothe skin

❖ Layer with any of our face balms for enhanced skin revitalization (apply balm after serum has absorbed)

Suggested Use

Gently shake the bottle. For best results massage the serum into damp skin including neck and chest. For deeper moisturization, apply tallow balm after serum giving the serum a few minutes to absorb first.


*pracaxi oil, jojoba oil*, *sesame oil*, argan oil, avocado oil, *rose petals, *marshmallow root, ylang ylang essential oil, *cedarwood essential oil

*organic or wildcrafted


Why adding a serum to your skin care routine can help

Unlike traditional moisturizers, serums are light weight formulas with higher concentrations of active ingredients meant to offer deep, penetrating nourishment to the skin. You can use daily or just a few times a week - your skin will tell you what it wants. For folks with dry or mature skin, you may benefit from daily use.

Pracaxi oil plays a foundational role in our serum. For many of you, Pracaxi may be new but she's been living and thriving in the jungles of South America for a long time. Pracaxi is a super nutrient dense oil with amazing protective and restorative properties including an ability to assist with hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

Jojoba is not actually an oil but a liquid wax. It can help control water loss which is one of the causes of aging skin. Jojoba is also super emollient, regenerative, and very compatible with our skin.

Argan trees grow in the desert and have learned to thrive in harsh, dry conditions and perform similar protective functions for the skin - sealing in moisture while protecting skin from sun, dry air and high temperatures.

Sesame oil has been used in Ayurveda for thousand of years for its healing properties. It is an anti-inflammatory and a powerful anti-oxidant that can zap out free radicals in the lower layers of the skin.

Avocado oil is one of the most nourishing oils for dry and mature skin. It is a great source of omega 7 fatty acids which our skin makes less of as we get older.

Both rose and marshmallow root have been infused into the serum to provide even deeper nourishment.

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