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The Lifter

The Lifter

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NEW, improved formula! Now with reishi and lion's mane mushroom to boost the nutrition of our chocolate even more!

The Lifter is an herbal drinking chocolate that combines cacao with ten amazing plants to provide grounded energy and focus, heart opening, and a lift in mood.  The Lifter comes in cute little cubes that have been dusted in crushed rose petals so don't say we didn't warn you...this is most certainly a heart forward remedy. But we also added cayenne so don't think we're all sugar and no spice. 

This is a whole plant remedy - no extracts are used. That means that you might experience tiny pieces of plants dancing in your mug that didn't fully dissolve into the water. Slurp it up, it's good for you!  This botanical cacao blend was never designed to be your average hot cocoa. It's formulated to nourish, revitalize, and balance the body which is why we added herbs like tulsi, burdock root & goji berry among others.  

There is no sugar in our blend, only plants. Feel free to add a sweetener of choice but please read the details and directions below so you'll have the best experience enjoying our rich, deep, chocolate elixir. 

How to Make The Lifter: You will need a hand held milk frother or blender to properly emulsify the fat (cacao butter) with the hot water.  If you try to mix without either, the fat and water will remain separate.

Note: if ordering during summer months, the chocolates may melt a bit. If this bothers you, you may want to wait until the weather cools down. Either way there is no change in the quality of your chocolate.

Btw, I'm so moved by all of the positive benefits I've experienced with cacao personally, I  penned a love letter to her.  Check it out here. 



*Improves focus*

*Elevates mood*

*Supports creativity and flow*

*Deep heart opener*

Suggested Use

Pour 3-4 oz of hot water over your cacao cube. Let rest for 4-5 minutes (this allows the cacao to melt and the plants to fully release into the water).

Using a hand-held milk frother, blend all of the plants together (a blender also works but requires more clean up). If desired, add in a splash of plant milk and/or sweetener of choice. Sip with intention and enjoy.

This is a whole plant remedy, no extracts are used. That means that you might experience tiny pieces of plants that didn't fully dissolve into the water. Slurp it up, it's good for you!


*cacao, *cacao butter, *holy basil, *rose petals, *reishi mushrooms, *lion's mane mushrooms, *goji berries, *burdock root, *star anise, *nutmeg, *cinnamon, *reishi mushroom, *lion's mane mushroom, *hawthorn berries, *cayenne, sea salt *organic


Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) is a beautiful plant that offers long lasting energy and mineral rich nourishment to the body. If you're looking to increase focus, enhance flow and creativity, and elevate your mood, definitely give The Lifter a try. There is hardly any caffeine in cacao you'll avoid the jitters and crash that coffee can sometimes bring on.

Cacao is rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, chromium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, and more. Not to mention the nutrients included in tulsi, rose, goji berries and all the other amazing plants in the The Lifter.

A few notes…

*Made with whole plants

The Lifter is a whole plant remedy. It's not made with plant extracts. This means that whole plant intelligence is available to you and ready to go to work in your body. This also means that the whole plant will be in your mug requiring some blending. See directions below for information for proper blending techniques to get the best results.

*Ritual you say?

If you can spare it, I suggest taking a few minutes to make and enjoy your drink. In my experience, taking a moment to ground into the present, show gratitude to cacao and the other plants, and lean into the decadent and rich pleasure of her taste will help to enhance the many benefits The Lifter offers.


Cacao can be very energizing. We recommend you take it in the morning. If you have a taste for her at night, we suggest cutting the chocolate in half.

*Cacao as ancient plant teacher

She has a looooong, rich history in parts of central and south America as a powerful plant teacher (I highly recommend you do some additional research and learn more about this incredible plant).

*Our blend is spicy (peep the cayenne).

*Cacao can be a bit dehydrating so we recommend drinking plenty of water with our blend.

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