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Whip Me Allow Over Body Butter Creme

Whip Me Allow Over Body Butter Creme

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This delicious, indulgent hand-whipped tallow body butter melts effortlessly into your skin, giving your biggest organ the love and nourishment it deserves.  Whip Me is for folks who want the benefit of a nourishing body butter but not the heavy, greasy side effects. 

The texture of our formulation is light, creamy & lush.  Great choice if you're looking for soft, supple skin without a heavy-handed application (absorbs pretty quickly). Plus... the zest of peppermint and the brightness of sweet orange smell heavenly and make application a special treat!

Whip Me is also a great for hair! Apply to dry or damp hair for smooth, moisturized, and conditioned tresses.


What is tallow and why should I use it?

Tallow is rendered beef fat and has been used as an ingredient in skincare for thousands of years. Tallow is deeply moisturizing and very similar to the sebum produced by our skin. It contains skin nourishing ingredients that plant-based oils just don’t have. Tallow has vitamins A, B12, D, K, & E -a special combination of beneficial vitamins only found together in animal products. Tallow works particularly well for mature and dry skin. It is non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

Good for one year. Make sure no water gets in the balm container.

Suggested Use

Use clean, dry hands to scoop out the butter and massage into any body part that needs some extra loving. Avoid the face (grab one of our face balms for that money maker!). Apply to damp skin for best results.


100% grass fed tallow, rice bran oil, essential oils of peppermint and sweet orange


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